Hario Skerton coffee grinder

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The iconic Hario Skerton coffee grinder, also known as the "skeleton", has become one of the most popular coffee grinder over the last few years. This coffee grinder is used by rotating the lever and puts you in control of the grinding. You can set it to coarser grind for cold brew and drip coffee or to finer grind for espresso.

The Hario Skerton hand coffee grinder has durable ceramic burrs for a precise grind. It also includes a silicon lid for the top chamber so the beans don't scatter around your kitchen.

The coffee is ground to a glass container, which has its own lid to preserve the aromas if you prefer to grind in advance. The design makes it easy to get a good grip of the grinder while grinding. All parts are easy to clean and they are dishwasher safe.

Hario Skerton coffee grinder

Product number
  • Ceramic burrs
  • Grinds approximately 100 g coffee powder from coffee beans
  • Height 17 cm (with crank), diameter 8 cm


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