Pour Over Coffee Carafes

Here you will find coffee carafes that combine a coffee dripper with a carafe for serving the coffee. You can brew the coffee through a paper or stainless steel filter into the carafe. When done, you can lift the filter away and serve the coffee. The most popular models come from Chemex, which is an excellent coffee maker, but also a beautiful design element for any home. Hario has different pour over coffee carafes, for example the Drop Pot models which have a reusable cotton filter.

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14,90 €

Chemex glass cover

1-2 workdays
54,90 €

Chemex Glass Handle 6 cups

1-2 workdays
49,90 €

Chemex Glass Handle 3 cups

1-2 workdays
99,00 €

Chemex CM-1 Hand Blown 3 cups

1-2 workdays
109,00 €

Chemex CM-2 Hand Blown 5 cups

1-2 workdays
129,00 €

Chemex CM-3 Hand Blown 8 cups

1-2 workdays
139,00 €

Chemex CM-4 Hand Blown 13 cups

1-2 workdays
59,90 €

Chemex Glass Handle 8 cups

1-2 workdays