About the company

Crema was founded in 2007, and we are a Finnish shop that specialises in coffee. We are here to serve you with everything you need in the field of coffee -whether the coffee is enjoyed at home, at work or in a café.

We know that you have a great taste, and that is why we offer a wide range of products from which you will certainly find your own favourite. Our passion is to create taste sensations for our customers. We do everything to ensure that our service is fast and flexible, so sit back and enjoy your coffee!

Crema is located in Helsinki, Finland, where Anssi and Samuli opened Crema.fi during Christmas 2007. Our simple mission was to offer the best possible coffee moments for everybody. In the beginning, our web shop was located in the corner of a sub leased office with just a couple of hundred products. Step by step we started to expand our product selection with all kinds of coffee equipment, accessories and machines. Today we have over 3000 products in stock and happy customers in over 60 countries. In the beginning of 2016, we launched a localised version of our Crema web shop for our customers in Sweden, www.cremashop.se. In 2017, Cremashop.eu was launched.


Samuli Seppävuori

010 322 4484
050 3424878

Anssi Ruohtula

040 5470246

Risto Sarkia

Business Solutions
010 322 4482
050 5658848

Johanna Tulikoura

Marketing Manager

Mika Karjalainen


Anna Sarf

Customer Service

Jonna Ruohtula

Product specialist

Monica Grén

Creative genious

Contact details for Crema

PPL Media Ltd. / Crema
Business ID 1972419-9
Hämeentie 155 A, 6th floor
00560 Helsinki

Email addresses: [email protected]

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