Shamila Chasen Matcha Whisk

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Preparing a cup of matcha tea is always a relaxing ritual. With the Chasen matcha whisk you can easily prepare an authentic cup of matcha tea. The whisk is made in Japan from one piece of bambu. One end is then cut into thin stripes.

Keep your matcha whisk in good condition by soaking it for a short while before using it. This softens the whisk preventing it from breaking. When you use the whisk for a first time, we recommend to rinse it thoroughly before use. Make sure the whisk isn’t broken so that you don’t get wooden bits into your tea. Rinse the whisk thoroughly after use to get rid of any tea residue. We recommend that you store the whisk in a matcha whisk stand. This way the whisk keeps its shape.

The middle brushes are together in a new matcha whisk. After a while of use, the brush starts opening up like a flower. This is totally normal.

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Shamila Chasen Matcha Whisk

Hyvä ja kestävä vispilä.

Toimiva vispilä

Laadukkaan oloinen vispilä, tekee hyvin sen mihin on suunniteltu. Suosittelen telinettä käveriksi, se auttaa pitämään vispilän kunnossa.

Shamila Chasen Matcha Whisk


vispaa vihreää

Kruunaa matchanautinnon ja vispilällä tee pysyy hyvin vekoittuneena pitempään.

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