Trung Nguyen Creative 8 Ground Vietnamese Coffee

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  • Vietnamese ground coffee
  • Arabica, Robusta & Excelsa
  • Medium roast

The Vietnamese Trung Nguyen Creative 8 coffee blend is inspired by the infamous Kopi Luwak, which is made from coffee cherries naturally passing through the digestive system of the Asian Palm Civet.

The popularity of Kopi Luwak has led to the widespread mistreatment of these animals. In their fight against animal cruelty, Trung Nguyen has developed a sustainable alternative that provides the deep, rich flavours of Kopi Luwak, without the Civet involved.

This coffee is produced as an alternative to the Kopi Luwak, with all of the flavour, but without the cruelty. Made from hand-picked coffee cherries of Arabica, Robusta, and Excelsa.

Creative 8 is sweet as syrup, soft and thick as chocolate, with a hint of tobacco taste, but rich and comfortable till the end.

  • Ground Vietnamese Coffee. May contain traces of milk products.
  • 250 g
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