Rhinowares Double Shot Glass With Handle 70 ml

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  • Double-spouts for espresso machines (72 mm wide)
  • Handle for pouring and finger protection
  • Measurement marks in 10 ml increments, 10 ml - 70 ml
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Rhinowares has answered the call for a double-spouted shot glass that combines durability and functionality. This 80ml handled shot glass is perfect for pulling double shots. Pull a double espresso shot in this glass and pour it neatly in a tall latte glass. The handle protects fingers from the heat of a freshly dropped shot. Graduated measurement marks make it so easy to get the shot right.

Please note that the text on the glass is not dishwasher safe!

  • Brand Rhinowares
  • Product number 3609
  • EAN 0799439727960
  • Double spouts, convenient pouring handle
  • Graduated marks in milliliters (10 ml increments) and ounces (.5 oz increments)
  • Accurate to within +/- 5%
  • Dimensions: 72mm diameter across the top of the spouts, 60mm tall
  • Rhino Coffee Gear logo on the front of the glass
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Customer reviews

Rhinowares Double Shot Glass With Handle 70 ml

as it should be :)

Great Espresso Cups

Very handy for pouring espresso. The spouts are perfect for managing portafilter flow, especially if you've had some channelling issues. And the measuring units are much welcome.

Kätevä silloin kun täytyy pikaisesti vaihtaa asetuksia

Joudun jatkuvasti säätämään kahvimyllyn asetuksia riippuen mitä kahvipapuja laitetaan vieraille. Mittalasin 5% toleranssista huolimatta tämä on riittävän tarkka pikasäätöön.

Mittalasi kaatonokilla.

Kaatonokat saattavat hieman valuttaa, jos huolimattomasti lorottelee.


Toimii varsinkin alussa mittailessa juomia.

Tarkka mittalasi

Erittäin hyvä tarkoilla mitoilla varustettu mittalasi.


Man får kolla att den hamnar precis under portfafiltret då det ju är ett ganska litet glas

Bra när du ställer in Espresso

Väldigt användbar och bra produkt.

Useful tool

Really good to help you see the entire shot (I supposed any glass would help there though), but also gives an approximation on the volume too.

(Best to use a scale as well for weight though, as the crema could make the volume appear more than it is.)

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