Rancilio Rocky SD Coffee Grinder

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  • Espresso grinder, but can also be used for filter coffee
  • 50 mm flat grinding burrs in steel
  • Stepwise adjustment
  • 300 g bean container
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Rancilio Rocky - A High-Class Solid Coffee Grinder

Rancilio Rocky is a fantastic coffee grinder for espresso. It is made of stainless steel and aluminum, which not only gives it an exclusive look but also makes it sturdy. The flat burrs in stainless steel are 50 mm like in many professional grinders. The setting of the coffee grinder is very simple and clear and is done with click adjustment by turning the bean container itself. The bean container holds 300 grams of coffee beans and is made of durable plastic with blue UV protection, which protects the coffee beans from sunlight.

Quiet, user-friendly and fairly fast
Rancilio Rocky is, compared to other coffee grinders, decently quiet despite its powerful motor. In approx. 20 seconds it grinds enough coffee for a double espresso.

Important when adjusting the grinding on a Rancilio Rocky coffee grinder
When you want to adjust the degree of finer grinding, the coffee grinder must either be completely empty of coffee beans or the coffee grinder must be running so that the grinding wheels rotate.

Large bean container for 300 g coffee beans
Powerful 140 W motor
Step by step adjustment
Steel grinding wheels with a diameter of 50 mm

Note: Rancilio tests all its coffee grinders with coffee beans, some coffee residues may therefore remain inside the grinder.

  • SKU: MFR020-00017
  • Dimensions: W 120 x D 250 x H 350 mm
  • Weight: 7 kg
  • Effect: 140 W
  • Motor speed: 1350 rpm
  • Power230 VAC ~50/60 Hz
  • European two-pin plug (Schuko)
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Customer reviews

Rancilio Rocky SD Coffee Grinder

I have been using this coffee grinder for the last 20 years, and I have no reason not to expect that the item you just sent me will not be as excellent as the one I had before which lasted in perfect shape for a very long time, and, had I cleaned it more assiduously, I believe would have lasted even longer.

Jykevä mylly moneen tarkoitukseen

Halusin vain yhden myllyn, jolla voi jauhaa sekä erittäin karkeaa perkolaattoriin/pressopannuun että erittäin hienoa espressoon niin valinta osui perinpohjaisen perehtymisen jälkeen Rockyyn, jonka puolesta puhui myös osien korkea laatu. Parin viikon käytön jälkeen olemme erittäin tyytyväisiä sekä jauhatukseen että laadukkaaseen yleisvaikutelmaan. Aika näyttää onko Rocky maineensa veroinen ja jauhaa papumme vielä 10 vuoden päästäkin :)

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