Miscela d'Oro Gusto Ricco 250 g ground coffee

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The Miscela d'Oro Gusto Ricco is an espresso blend designed for moka pots. The coffee is soft and aromatic, with a pleasant sweetness and richness. It's a dark roasted coffee with nice balance.

The Miscela d'Oro roastery is located in Messina, Sicily. The roastery started as a small scale family business in 1946. The Urbano family continues the business today already in the third generation. The goal of the roastery is to roast simple, elegant and high-quality coffees, while preserving the longstanding tradition.

Miscela d'Oro
Product number
  • Espresso coffee
  • Ground coffee for stovetop espresso makers
  • Weight 250 g
  • 60 % Arabica, 40 % Robusta


Vahvaa mutta pehmeää

Mutteripannulle mitä oivallisin kahvi! Italialaiset todella osaavat nämä jutut.

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oi ku se o hyvvöö

Miscela d'Oro Gusto Ricco 250 g ground coffee

En ole vielä nauttinut tuoteen aromeita niin en voi laitaa arvosanaa :)

Miscela d´oro Dusto Ricco

Minun mieleiseni pehmeä arominen kahvi. Aion tilata jatkossakin.

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