de Buyer Mineral B Element Carbon Steel Frying pan

de Buyer Mineral B Element Carbon Steel Frying Pan 28 cm

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  • Mineral B Element carbon steel frying pan
  • Beeswax finish
  • Can be used in oven
  • Suitable for all hobs including induction
  • Made in France
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de Buyer Mineral B Element Carbon Steel Frying Pan is a top-seller. These pans have been made in the same fabric in France since 1830.

de Buyer Mineral B is a heavy-duty carbon steel frying pan coated with natural beeswax for quicker seasoning. The beeswax helps to avoid rust and eases the first use. A seasoned pan has natural non-stick properties and becomes better the more it is used. The carbon-steel pan will last forever and is indestructible. The pan heats up quickly and becomes hot enough to brown the surface. The lyonnaise skirt - the traditional French rounded shape of the pan - makes it easy to toss food, turn an omelette in the air for example, and slide it onto a plate. The pan has a riveted, unbreakable iron handle. It's thickness is 2,5-3mm.

The first use:

Handwash the pan with hot water. Dry the pan afterwards and apply about 1mm layer of cooking oil or duck fat. Heat the pan in your stove until the fat begins to warm up. Let the fat melt and then dry the extra fat with a paper towel. The more you use the pan, the better it becomes. The pan will get darker in use and it will get natural non-stick properties.


Heat the pan in your stove until the fat begins to warm up. Add the food. Lower the temperature gradually as you are getting ready with the frying.


  1. To clean, rinse with warm water, dry and oil lightly. Store in a dry place. Do not use detergents or put in the dishwasher. All cook tops including induction. 
  2. If the pan should loose its non-stick properties you can clean a warm pan with a spoonful of salt and re-season it; if the base should become deformed from a sudden temperature chock it is easily made flat with one hammer blow.
  3. If the pan is left in a damp place and starts rusting it can be cleaned with steel wool and even sandpaper.


Carbon-steel is a quite soft metal, so even a brand new pan kan have some scratches. They don't affect the pan's function and after the first use (see above) you won't notice them any more. Do not soak the pan for a long time. Food or other stains can be cleaned with steel wool and dishwashing liquid. Oil the pan afterwards. All cook tops including induction.

  • Brand de Buyer
  • Product number 2421
  • EAN 3011245610289
  • Diameter: 28 cm
  • Bottom: 20 cm
  • Height: 4 cm
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de Buyer Mineral B Element Carbon Steel Frying Pan 24 cm

En ole tyytyväinen

Bengt Karlson

Fantastisk stekpanna till ett mycket bra pris. Äntligen en panna som tål lite tuffare tag. Snabb och bra leverans !

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