Alexander Traditional Greek Brass Coffee Mill #005

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  • Handmade Brass Coffee Mill
  • 48 mm Metal Mechanism
  • 3DCut Grinding System
  • Adjustable mechanism between fine and coarse grinding
  • Made in Greece

Traditional handmade Alexander Greek Coffee Mill # 005, designed to grind the coffee beans and not just crush them, maximizing the flavour and aroma. The mill is also suitable for all dry and hard spices, except salt.

Three-step grinding (3DCut):

  1. Grabs and cracks each coffee bean and breaks it in half
  2. Cuts the beans into smaller pieces
  3. Sends the beans through the small grinding teeth and grinds them to the selected coarseness

Handmade Greek product that meets specific standards of high quality and functionality.

The Alexander Mills are a tested product and have been on the market since 1977.

Care & maintenance:

Care should be taken to avoid excessive exposure to moisture. Never wash or submerge the mill in water and do not put in the dishwasher. Store the mill in a cool dry place. The outer metal casing will naturally oxidise and change in appearance with touch and with use and through exposure to moisture and oxygen in the air. However, if you wish to keep the mill polished you can use metal cleaners suitable for brass or copper available at most supermarkets. Excessive exposure to moisture may lead to more extreme corrosion such as bright greenblue to grey colourations or ‘verdigris’, which should be cleaned off using a scouring pad, or scrubbed with a half lemon pressed into salt, then wiped clean and dry with a soft cloth.

_When grinding spice: _Try to avoid grinding directly over cooking pots, as steam will dampen the pepper in the mill, which may in turn clog the mechanism. If the mill becomes clogged it can be cleaned by removing the top, loosening the mechanism and cleaning it out with a small brush.

  • Brand Alexander
  • Product number 8991
  • EAN 5213011381708
  • Body diameter: 50 mm
  • Body thickness: 1 mm
  • Height: 285 mm
  • Weight: 850 g
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