Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea, Boba or pearl milk tea as it also may be referred to, is a tea-based drink created in Taiwan in the 1980s that consists of tea accompanied by chewy tapioca or fruit infused pearls. The Bubble Tea can either be served hot or cold, and as a milk tea drink or a clear tea drink. Both varieties can have black, green, or oolong tea as the base, and can be customised with an array of flavoured syrups and sweeteners. The tea is mixed together with choice of flavoured bubbles, choice of milk or other juice, and ice for a cold drink, and shaken like a cocktail. There are endless variations and combinations of Bubble Tea to try, so be creative and explore the world of “Boba” drinks.

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Bubble Tea
Special offer TIFC  Bubble Tea Syrup Green Apple 300 ml
Bubble Tea

TIFC Bubble Tea Syrup Green Apple 300 ml

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