Vietnamese Coffee

Have you ever tried Vietnamese coffee? Now you can.

We have added a number of different coffees and blends from the largest coffee producer in Vietnam Trung Nguyen to our product assortment. Here you’ll also find the “phin” coffee filter for preparing Vietnamese coffee the traditional way.

Vietnam is surprisingly the world’s second-largest coffee producing and exporting country after Brazil. Coffee was brought to Vietnam by the French in the 19th century during the colonial times, but it was only in the 1990’s that the commercial coffee production bloomed and started growing rapidly. Due to the soil and climate in Vietnam the most commonly grown coffee bean is the Robusta variety, which gives the Vietnamese coffee its distinctive strong, dark and chocolatey flavors. Traditionally the Vietnamese enjoy their coffee mixed with thick and sweet condensed milk, often with cubes of ice that turns the beverage into a tasty and sweet iced coffee.

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Vietnamese Coffee
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