Mazzer Mini Electronic B Espresso Grinder

Mazzer Mini Electronic B Espresso Grinder, Polished Aluminium

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  • 64 mm flat grinding blades
  • Stepless micrometrical adjusment
  • Bean holder capacity 600 g
  • On-demand grinding with electronic dose adjustment
  • Single and double dose with independent adjustment

Mazzer Electronic Mini B - grinding activated with portafilter

Mazzer Mini Electronic B espresso coffee grinder with top-class quality and functionality, for the home barista, a small café, restaurant or the office. Mazzer Mini grinds coffee with incredibly high uniformity and consistency.

The large 64 mm flat grinding blades are spring-loaded (Mazzer patent), which enables easy adjustment of the grinding. The blades are mounted directly on the motor shaft and the powerful 250 Watt motor rotates at 1600 rpm. According to Mazzer, the large 64 mm grinding blades have a durability of about 300 kg. If you grind 0.5 kg of coffee beans per week, the grinder blades will last for about 12 years before they need to be replaced.

The Mazzer Mini is very quiet in use, so it's possible to keep the discussion going even though the mill is grinding coffee. The sound from the grinder is almost "turbine-like" and gives an impression of high-class mechanics.

Static electricity, which is a problem for many coffee grinders, is not a problem for the Mazzer Mini, as the grinder is equipped with an antistatic filter that removes the static electricity generated during grinding - the result is a soft and consistent coffee flow, completely lump-free.

The control panel is located on top of the grinder and you can choose between single or double dose, the function can be fine-tuned so that you get exactly the amount of coffee you want. The grinder is easily activated by pressing the button with the portafilter, the coffee is ground directly in the filter basket. If you press the button twice, you activate the double portion and if you hold the button down with the portafilter, the grinding is continuous.

The bean container holds 600 g of coffee beans and has a smart bottom, which makes it possible to remove the container for filling, even if it is not emptied.

Mazzer Mini is an exclusive product, which was originally developed for smaller cafes as a primary grinder, and for larger cafes as a secondary grinder for, for example, decaffeinated coffee.

PLEASE NOTE that all espresso grinders are tested before leaving the Mazzer factory, which is located near Venice in Italy. Even if the grinders are cleaned before after testing, you can always find traces of coffee even in brand new grinders.

IMPORTANT: When fine-tuning the grinding adjustment, the grinder must either be completely empty of coffee beans or the grinder must be running so that the grinding blades rotate.

  • Brand Mazzer
  • Product number 8141
  • EAN 5712190002157
  • Colour: Polished aluminium
  • Height: 470 mm
  • Depth: 340 mm (incl. tray)
  • Width: 168 mm
  • Bean hopper Ø 160 mm
  • Grinding blades: Flat Ø 64 mm (ref. 189D)
  • Grinding blade speed: 1400 r.p.m (50 Hz) 1600 r.p.m (60 Hz)
  • Coffee-bean container capacity: 600 g
  • Dose adjustment: 1-99 s
  • Net weight: 10,2 kg
  • Power: 250 Watt
  • European two-pin plug (Schuko)
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