Loveramics Egg espressokopp 80 ml

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Loveramics Egg Caramel espressokopp 80 ml

10,90 € med moms
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1-2 arbetsdagar
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I lager
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20+ st
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  • Högklassigt bränt porslin
  • Det tjocka materialet lagrar effektivt värme
  • Tål maskindisk
  • Kan användas i mikrovågsugn

Loveramics Egg-serien har en vacker rund form som får även kaffet att smaka bättre. Kopparna är tillverkade av högklassigt porslin, och de är tjocka och tunga. Den stora massan lagrar effektigt värme, så kom ihåg att förvärma kopparna innan användning. Med koppen medföljer en assiett. Tål maskindisk och kan användas i mikrovågsugn.

  • Material: porslin
  • Innehåller kopp och assiett
  • Koppens volym: 80 ml
  • Koppens mått: diameter 7 cm, höjd 6 cm
  • Assiettens diameter: 11,5 cm
  • Tål maskindisk
  • Kan användas i mikrovågsugn
  • Färg: karamellbrun


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Mycket snygga espressokoppar som faktiskt överträffade mina förväntningar. -Jag är helnöjd...!

Örjan Bark

... Härlig design som gör upplevelsen fullkomlig.

Tyylikkäät kupit

Nämä on hienot kupit arkeen ja juhlaan. Ferrarinpunainen väri sopii Italian ystäville.

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Loveramics Egg White espressokopp 80 ml

Perfect for espresso, heavy and thick porcelain, italian style. I live it!

Great Espresso Cup

Even better than they look on the website. Really pleased with them

My first choice espresso cups

Spent quite some time trying and choosing proper cups for espresso and turkish coffee. Bought a few others, but... Loveramics espresso cups are the best for me now (currently in white color). Great stability of the cups on the plates (well levelled and fitted - easy to carry the plate and control the cup), thick walls (once preheated, - they keep the coffee hot/warm long enough). Great design and look - out of a bunch of other brands, these cups are my first choice to get the best experience and enoy coffee ritual. In fact, I love them so much that I started using them for my pourover coffee and even turkish coffee. And guess what, I'm thinking of purchasing brown or dark red set of two cups for even richer esthetics and overall pleasure. I did not tell my wife how much effort was put into selecting a good pair ofcups, but she immeduately made a comment that she enjoys her pour over coffee - especially when pouring a few portions during breakfast - one at a time (taste is changing in the decantor not that fast and in the cup faster, so you can experiment). I highly recommend to buy at least a set of two cups - believe me, you won't look back.

Fast delivery to The Netherlands

Shipment arrived neatly in time for my girlfriend's birthday!

Nice elegant cups

Nice elegant cups with wide range of beautiful colors

Nice elegant cups

Nice elegant cups with wide range of beautiful colors

Beautiful italian style espresso cups
Espresso Addict

Classic espresso cups. No silly logo, no eccentric design. Just simple, no-nonsense, high-quality porcelain, thick-walled espresso cups.

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