Wilfa WSCG-2 kahvimylly

99,00 € sis. alv Tällä tuotteella ilmainen toimitus!
Verkkokaupan varasto:
1-2 työpäivää
  • Wilfan klassikkomylly
  • Viisi erilaista, tarkkaa karkeusastetta hienosäädöin (hienoin jauhatus soveltuu mutteripannulle)
  • Ajastin
Myyntisijoitus Tuoteryhmässä Sähkökäyttöiset kahvimyllyt suodatinkäyttöön

WIlfa WSCG-2 -kahvimylly on päivitetty versio luotettavasta CGR-1-kahvimyllystä!

Wilfa WSCG-2 -kahvimyllyllä jauhat kahvipavut pressopannulle, suodatinkeittimelle, mutteripannulle ja miksei Aeropressille! Jämäkät kartioterät jauhavat tasaisesti kaikilla karkeusasteilla.

Papusäiliön tilavuus on 250 g ja se on UV-suojattu. Kahvimyllyssä on ajastintoiminto ja mahdollisuus säätää juuri sopiva jauhatusvaihtoehto 34 eri kahvin jauhatuskarkeudesta. Kahvimyllyllä on myös 5 vuoden takuu kotikäytössä!

  • Tuotemerkki Wilfa
  • Tuotenumero 1274
  • EAN 7044876057686
  • Takuu
    5 vuotta
  • Papusäiliön tilavuus 250 g
  • Mitat: K 27 cm, L 16,5 cm, S 12 cm
  • Kartiomuotoiset terät takaavat tasaisen lopputuloksen
  • Porrastettu jauhatusasteen säätö karkeasta pressopannujauhatuksesta mutteripannujauhatukseen
  • Päävirtakytkin ja on/off-kytkin
  • Ajastin
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Voin pyöräyttää tällä pannukahvit esimerkiksi metsälle. Tai sitten ihan moccamasteria varten suodatusjauhatukset tuoreista pavuista. Päöosin tällä tehdään höysteet moka expressille ja hyvää tulee. Papusäiliössä sopivasti kokoa. Jos jtn haluaisi niin ainahan se voisi oooa hiljaisempi mutta tähän rahaan oiva väline

Wilfa kahvimylly

Helppo käyttää ja puhdistaa. Vie kahvin nauttimisen uudelle levelille. Suosittelen hankkimaan suoraan tälläisen paremman myllyn ja jättämään ne 30€ terillä jauhavat myllyt kaupan hyllylle.

Väärä nimi papujen säiliössä

Mielestäni uudessa mallissa pitäisi manuaalin mukaan hienoimmassa asetuksessa lukea "Espresso", eikä "Mokka". Muuten kyllä hyvä laite portaattoman säädön ansiosta.

Wilfa WSCG-2 kahvimylly: kelpo ostos

Tekee hyvää jälkeä, karkeus säädettävissä.
Puhdistaminen saisi olla helpompaa. Kaiken kaikkiaan
olen tyytyväinen.

Compact and less noisy than most

My wife bought this grinder for me as a birthday present, after we had looked at a number of online reviews. After a week of daily use, we are both very happy with the machine. We use it to make pour-over, and find the next-to-finest filter setting works well. The grind is much more uniform than our previous (cheaper) grinder, and although this silver model is supposed to be louder than the pricier black version, it is still much quieter than our previous grinder, a pleasant surprise!

Wilfa WSCG-2 kahvimylly
Belinda Reid

Delighted with my Wilfa coffee grinders. Service was excellent with speedy delivery .

Fast effective grinder

This is my first grinder and I bought it based on price (very good) and Hoffman's recommendation. Heads up, this is not the grinder Hoffmann recommended that's the slightly more expensive black (130b) model.
This grinder is a little noiser I've read but i don't have an issue with that. It's easy to adjust the grind size and if you use the water spray trick static is rarely an issue.
I use this for Moka, Aeropress and v60 grinds changing between grind sixers is fast and easy albeit a little loose.
Recommended for price, value and quality.

A fabulous grinder for consistent results

I was making do with a Hario Mini Mill for grind 60g at a time to make a large cafetiere and would have to fill the hopper 3 times to hand grind them which would take me 20 minutes. Now, the Wilfa blazes through beans and the grind is pretty consistent for the price point. Would recommend to anyone wanting a cheap entry level grinder for anything other than espresso

Mohammad AL-BATT

Great product as seen on YouTube, great company regarding fast shipping, the best price even better than UK stores including the shipping fees and the product arrived in excellent state, l hope to make another purchase if prices as lower as Wilfa grinder.

Fantastic Grinder

Superb conical steel grinder. So much quite than others and grind size is very uniform for a grinder at this price! Unlike other grinders static is not an issue and coffee chaff does not blow out of the grinder. Super happy and highly recommended.

Great even grind

I spent some time looking for an affordable/good grinder. I grind for pour over and french press so this grinder suits my need perfectly. I used a manual hario grinder which is good but it's a hassle to manually grind twice a day.
This grinder is easy to use and though cleaning the burr isn't so hard I which I shouldn't have to use a vacuum, but it's just me being picky.
Settings are easy to adjust, but I would have preferred numbers instead of letters. I use the settings mostly around Aeropress and once you get the hang of it it's good - you can find plenty of suggestions online.
For a 2 cup v60 (250ml) I grind at the 'P' of Aeropress.
The coffee grounds container doesn't have the best design but does the work.
I don't use the timer function since I only use the beans for each grind but it's convenient enough if you don't want to worry about weighting beans early morning.
Gray colour is actually silver so it's a good look in the counter.
Check other reviews if you're still not convinced but I'm glad I bought this one.
Last thing is that if you're looking for an espresso grinder this is not for you.

Impossible to fault anything

My order arrived fast and well packed. Thankfully Crema shop uses a proper courier company and everything is as convenient as it can get. Happy with my purchase.

Fantastic grinder for the price

Brilliant grinder for this price range. Only draw back is no UK power cord available so have to use an adapter.

Wilfa WSCG-2 Perfect
Jack Delahunty

Delighted with the Wilfa, motor is a tiny bit louder than other uniform grinders I’ve used before but that’s not an issue at all. Highly recommend.

Worth the buy
Tom J

I picked this up after doing as much research as I could. I use an AeroPress and wanted a grinder worth owning but didn't want to spend too much. Most people online seemed to point towards the Baratza Encore, but those were going for about £130 here in the UK which was more than I was hoping to spend. I then came across this grinder, saw James Hoffmann's review, and decided this would be the one. Buying it on this site saved me some money, as it came to £90 including shipping. It just meant shipping it to the UK from Finland, but it was worth the wait. The build quality feels very high and having my coffee grind in less than 10 seconds is wonderful, well it sure beats grinding them by hand like I've been doing the past few years.

very satisfied :-)

High-quality machine, good price, fast shipping to germany, Tank you!

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