iSi soodasifoni ruostumaton teräs 1 l

69,00 € sis. alv
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  • Valmistaa raikasta kuplivaa soodavettä
  • Juo hiilihapotettu vesi sellaisenaan tai käytä cocktailjuomissa
  • Toimii iSin:n hiilihappopatruunoilla

iSi:n soodasifonilla valmistat 1 litran raikasta kuplivaa soodavettä. Juo hiilihapotettu vesi sellaisenaan, tai käytä sitä cocktailjuomissa. Soodasifonissa käytetään iSi:n hiilihappopatruunoita, jotka tilataaan erikseen.

2 vuotta
  • Tilavuus 1 litra
  • Korkealaatuinen ruostumattomasta teräksesta valmistettu pullo
  • Sisältää mittaputken joka estää ylitäytön
  • Paineventtiili varmistaa mukavan ja turvallisen käytön
  • Yläosa vuorattu silikonilla ergonomista otetta varten



It is strange, I have this product at home and it works great. That is why I bought another one for a friend. But it is not as good...the result for this new one is not as bubbly as mine...this is why the 3 stars only. But I still love mine!

Just a little more plastic-y than I expected...

The body is of stainless steel, but the top is plastic and contains/requires quite a lot of different parts: two plastic tubes, one plastic device to insert/extract one of the tubes, one plastic cartridge holder and a chrome-looking plastic cap for when the cartridge holder is not in place. I used to have an almost identical looking siphon many years ago, which certainly had a better (heavier) feel to it, and also fewer parts, i.e., a lower chance of bits going missing.

Anyway, don't get me wrong, it's not at all a bad product and it works fine, but I guess I was expecting a slightly more quality feel, especially to the top. By the way, don't fill it completely. I fill it about 2/3 or maybe a bit less before I carbonise, which gives reasonably good fizz. If you fill it more than that, you don't get enough fizz for my taste.

Elaine Crook

I am extremely happy with my new soda siphon. It was difficult to find because I wanted 1ltr and stainless steel, the polished finish was a bonus. A bit expensive including express delivery to Spain, but worth it. Arrived during Christmas and New Year deliveries and still arrived promptly.

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