Wilfa WSP-1 Lasikannu

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Musta lasikannu ja kansi Wilfa Svart Presisjon WSP-1A ja WSP-1B kahvinkeittimeen. Tilavuus 1,25 litra.



All is well thanks to CREMA!
John Bennett

We purchased a wilfa coffee maker, which we love, about a year and a half ago right about the time they were unfortunately making their exit from the North American market. I had feared that breaking a pot would be problematic in time as it was unlikely parts would be stocked nearby and many overseas businesses dont want to be bothered with the additional work servicing out of country or continent buyers may cause. Well, yes, we broke it anyway, and indeed trying to find a replacement became a very stress inducing exercise as very few suppliers could be found and either they were out oif stock or didnt ship our way. Then thank God we found Crema!! Seriously, I think we both almost started crying as the thought of disposing of that awesome coffee maker due to a silly glass pot was heart wrenching. They had plenty in stock and the process was easy breezy and product arrived quickly and exactly what we needed. Looking at their extensive supplies , I will actually now pay a bit extra for shipping and wait a bit longer in order to use them for future needs of products they carry overt buying at a closer venue because of their willingness to carry items that may be called upon less than mainstream, currently in stores items and care enough about potential worldwide clientele to have taken the time to be able to sell internationally and not treat those clients like the unwanteds. Add to that a perfectly delivered product and they definitely have our business. Its these little things that separate the good from the bad in todays business and unfortunately it is often the latter. If you find what you are looking for here and elsewhere, I would strongly recommend buying from Crema ,
It is apparent they are committed to their clients in the way they conduct business and the products they offer. Thank You!

William McClintock

Excellent service, fast delivery of our replacement coffee pot.
I will drink to that!!


Exact product desired. Timely delivery and well packaged.

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