Wilfa SVART Uniform WSFB-100S Burr Coffee Grinder

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  • 41 grinding settings from fine filter/drip coffee to coarse French press
  • High quality 58 mm flat burr grinding disks made in Italy
  • Cast aluminium and steel body
  • Developed together with Tim Wendelboe
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Wilfa SVART Uniform WSFB-100S Burr Coffee Grinder meets every home baristas expectations - whether you are using a traditional coffee maker, an AeroPress, a manual dripper or a French press.

Durable cast aluminium and steel body captures high quality 58 mm flat burr grinding disks grind the coffee beans precisely at a low speed, preventing the coffee from heating up.

Choose the grinding from 41 settings. The Wilfa SVART Uniform WSFB-100S will grind your coffee beans to any desired grinding from fine filter coffee to coarse French press grinding.

  • Brand Wilfa
  • Product number 4001
  • EAN 7044876057754
  • Warranty
    5 years (2 years for units purchased before 1.9.2020) (within EU)
  • 58 mm flat burr grinding disks in stainless steel
  • 41 grinding adjustments
  • durable cast aluminium and steel cover
  • metal jar for less static ground coffee
  • weight: 4 kg
  • height: 39,6 cm
  • diameter: 20 cm
  • 230 V / 50 Hz
  • EU two pin plug
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Customer reviews

Good Grinder for Filter Coffee

I am very satisfied with the device, I use it mainly for V60, Cleverdrip and Aeropress.

Grinds very consistently for the price range.
I have also used it for espresso, which works in principle, but for regular espresso drinkers I would recommend other devices.

Pongsatorn K.

Shipped fast, arrived fast, even during New Year. The staff was very helpful and was quick to respond. The product works as expected, although need some time with dialing in. Overall good purchase experience. 5 stars!

Great Grinder, absolutely love it

It really is a great grinder perfectly suiting my needs: easy to use, easy to clean and is capable of grinding beans for all sorts of techniques. I mostly use it for my Chemex and daily filter brew. Highly recommended.

Simple, effective

It's an ideal grinder: big dial up top for grindsize. One button with auto-shutoff to start grinding.
Solidly built, perfect machine.

Excellent upgrade

I purchased the Wilfa Uniform as an upgrade for my cheapish 120 € conical burr grinder I've had for a few years. Build quality, quietness and looks are all outstanding, but the real value for money comes from the grind profile.

The difference from an entry-level (albeit well-researched) conical burr grinder is incredible. By eye and judging by brew times and flavour, it's on a different planet entirely. Throughout the years I unthinkingly developed several coping strategies to deal with the unevenness of my previous grinder: after a few days of having to learn to brew all over again, my results are nothing short of spectacular.

I cannot compare it to more expensive grinders in the € 1000+ range, but for now I couldn't be happier. Very little (if any) retention, no real problems with static, the auto-off function is on point, and while it wasn't designed for espresso, it definitely can go fine enough for a spectacular moka pot.

My only gripe is that the plastic lid (I purchased the basic model without an integrated scale, but I already have a good setup) rattles a bit. Nothing a few bits of foam won't fix, but it's the only part that could have a better fit.

Impressive grinder

well probably one of the best in its price category

Wilva Svart Uniform shipped to NL

Fast shipping of an excellent product for a fair price. Credible vendor: no complaints. Very happy with the grinder.

solid grinder

It's my first "good" grinder, so I'm super impressed so far. Uniform ground coffee, repeatable, quiet, minimalist design.

Great grinder

For its money it is one of the best grinders you can find for home users.

Customer service was always fast and helpful

My first grinder

I wanted to buy this grinder for filter coffee after I saw the review of James Hoffmann. I like the silver version better than the black one - the only difference, the silver one doesn't have the scale. I used it now for three weeks and i am very happy with the results. The grind is much more uniform than with my previous hand grinder from Hario. Cleaning is very easy and what I like most is the minimalistic design with one button. Works flawlessly for me until now. I would definitely buy it again.

Simplicity without compromising quality

After years of using a hand grinder that consisted of many small parts of various materials and differing quality, I love the simple and sturdy construction of the Uniform. It's plenty adjustable for my purposes (I don't make espresso), super easy to use, looks good and feels well made. Most importantly, the grind is very consistent.


Pure perfection and satisfaction. This is a grinder that is made right!

Mainion tuntuinen laite

Katselin tuotetiedoista että onpa valtavan kokoinen laite, mutta tilasin kumminkin. Oli huojentavaa huomata että tuo 40 x 20 cm olikin pakkauslaatikon koko, ja itse pömpeli on huomattavasti tavanomaista kahvinkeitintä sirompi, noin 29 x 15 cm :)

Toistaiseksi olen käyttänyt perussuodatinkahviin, espressolle on eri laite. Toimii hienosti ja on mukavan hiljainen, karkeusasetuksen jouduin kääntämään huomattavasti suositusta pienemmälle (14 näyttäisi suunnilleen samalta kuin teollinen jauhatus). Hidashan tämä on ja viimeiset pavut pyörivät jonkin aikaa ympyrää ennen kuin tarttuvat teriin ja laite lopulta pysähtyy. Ei juuri haittaa, painan myllyn vain ensiksi päälle ja latailen vesiä, suodatinpaperia ym. sillä aikaa.

Ei tunnu olevan myöskään sähköisyysongelmia tuon metallisen purukaukalon kanssa. Sen ulos vetäminen on tarpeettoman hankalaa, tekisi melkein mieli liimata siihen jokin hantaaki. Oikeastaan koko laitteen ainoa miinus.

Wilfa Uniform ilman vaakaa

Loistavasti toimiva ja hiljainen yleismylly helpolla jauhatuskarkeuden säädöllä. Jos vaaka on jo olemassa, tämä versio antaa samat myllyn hienot ominaisuudet vähän edullisemmin kuin musta rinnakkaismallinsa.

Funkar som förväntat

Perfekt för pour over kaffe då man lätt kan dosera portionsvis. Vissa har upplevt problem med statiskt laddning som gör att kaffepulvret fastnar i behållaren men knakar man behållaren några gånger mot bänken är det inga problem alls och allt pulver lägger sig fint på botten.

Förslagen på malningsgrad är dock inte enligt mina preferenser men efter några användningar får man snabbt ett bra hum om hur stora stegen på malningsgraderna är.

Minus en stjärna då den enbart finns i silver, den svarta har en våg som jag inte är intresserad av och betydligt dyrare.

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