Trung Nguyen Drip Coffee Fusion Blend 10 x Coffee Bags

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  • 10 x filter coffee bags in a box
  • 100 % Arabica

Trung Nguyen Fusion Blend Drip Coffee Bags - Discover a scent of fresh fruit mix with lime peel. In the aftertaste, bold acidity and a subtle sweet smoothness.

The Drip Coffee Bag was created in Japan in the 1990's. First, a piece of cloth was used to filter the coffee when brewed. Gradually, it was sewn into a bag that contained coffee. Enjoying coffee in this new style spread to several countries such as Korea, Taiwan and China. The drip coffee bag has become a new trend in the coffee world.

The paper filter bag is used not only to store but also to brew the roasted and ground coffee.


Ground Vietnamese Coffee. May contain traces of milk products.

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  • 10 x 10 g coffee bags


Surprisingly good

For anyone who want a quick and high quality cup of coffee. Surprisingly better than I expected.

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