Orphan Espresso Flatpack Ultralight Travel Coffee Dripper with Tyvek Bag

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  • Ultralight Travel Coffee Dripper
  • The Dripper Packs Flat
  • For V60 and Kono Style Drip Coffee
  • Tyvek Bag Included

The Orphan Espresso Flatpack Ultralight Travel Coffee Dripper for two styles of pour over coffee, V60 on one side, and Kono on the other. The dripper packs flat in the Tyvek bag along with your coffee filters in your backpack, rucksack, bag, or back pocket!

The Silicone Roll-to-From Cone has 2 different rib patterns for different styles of pour over filter coffee brewing - Long ribs are similar to the V60 style for a faster draw down, and the short rib for a slower draw down (slower draw down side uses a coarser grind than the faster side).

Flatpack Ultralight Includes:

  • FDA Silicone Roll-to-Form Dripper Body
  • 2 mm thick Carbon Fiber Platform Disk
  • Tyvek Bag (measures 29 x 12,7 cm)
  • 10 standard 1-2 cup size WHITE V cone filters (Abaca Fiber Coffee Filters, Made in Japan)
  • Kit weighs 91.4 grams (with filters), or about 3.2 ounces
  • Eco Friendly package has instructions, but NO tape, NO stickers, made of Recycled paper, is 100 % recyclable
  • Body and Disk Made in Taiwan

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