Jura Compressor Cooler Pro milk fridge

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The Jura Compressor Cooler Pro milk fridge is the perfect milk cooling solution for the Jura GIGA X-series coffee machines. The 4 litre milk tank is big enough even for dozens of milk coffee drinks. The milk is cooled down to 4 °c with a high quality compressor. The milk fridge also comes with a separate cleaning container for easy cleaning.

If the fridge runs out of milk, the refrigerator communicates with your GIGA-series coffee machine and the machine asks you to fill more milk to the container.

The Compressor Cooler Pro is designed to be as easy as possible to use. The door opens horizontally, and the milk container will slide straight out of the box. Thanks to the transparent container, you can easily see the quantity of milk left in the container.

The powerful compressor ensures that the milk is cooled down to a temperature of 4 °c, even if the outside temperature would be over 30 °c. The unit will automatically adjust the temperature to ensure the freshness of the milk without icing. This way the device will operate quietly while saving energy.

  • Milk can added conveniently by lifting up a separate top cover without having to pull out the whole container.

A separate cleaning container is also provided for the milk cleaning program. The cleaning cartridge has separate compartments for clean water and the cleaning agent. Just turn the container after the cleaning process to flush the milk system.

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