Holmen Helsinki 250 g

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  • A typical Finnish filter coffee
  • Whole coffee beans or choose grinding
  • Recommendation: AeroPress, Chemex, Filter, French Press

Holmen HELSINKI is a blend of carefully selected South American coffee beans. It has the characteristic acidity and fruitiness you find in Finnish coffee, with Holmen Coffee's own flair.

The HELSINKI -coffee's secret weapon is Colombia supremo: The highest quality grade of bean produced in Colombia, with it’s distinctively large beans. It lends sweet aromas of honey and chocolate. Handpicked Costa Rica and Brazilian Yellow Bourbon beans are added, which give the coffee that fruity kick Finnish people love so dearly.

The coffee flavor is round and smooth for everyday drinking, with very low bitterness, and goes easy on your stomach. Light-bodied, aromatic and pleasant with tastes of grapes, citrus fruits and traces of honey. Perfect for any time or day, and a good choice for those who like sugar with their coffee.

Holmen Coffee
Product number
  • Filter coffee
  • Whole coffee beans
  • Weight: 250 g


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Monen vaaleamman paahdon tapaan tämäkin on aika terävän kitkerä mustana juotuna. Suosittelen tilkan maitoa kanssa varsinkin, jos tekee aeropessinä.

Holmen Helsinki 250 g

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