2POUR® Non Bleached Coffee Filters for AeroPress 350 pcs

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  • 350 pcs / pack
  • Non bleached, brown paper filters
  • Compatible with the AeroPress coffee maker

2POUR® brown, unbleached paper filters suitable for the AeroPress coffee maker. Pack of 350 pcs.

Non bleached filters are considered more natural and eco-friendly, than the original white OEM versions.

Easily digested by a garbage/waste disposal unit if you have one installed.

You can reuse a number of times by gently rinsing too if you want to make them stretch further.

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2POUR® Non Bleached Coffee Filters for AeroPress 350 pcs

Tykkään näistä suodatinpapereista enemmän kuin Aeropressin omista valkaistuista papereista. Tämä suodattaa hieman paremmin, eikä kahvikupin pohjalle jää samanlailla sakkaa. Plussat myös valkaisemattomuudelle.

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