2POUR® AeroPress Dual Press Accessory

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  • Prepare two cups of coffee simultaneously with your AeroPress
  • Easy to use
  • For 10 cm high cups
  • Compatible with both new and older AeroPress models

2POUR® Dual Press Accessory for the AeroPress® Coffee Maker

2POUR® is a simple, well-designed accessory for the AeroPress coffee maker that allows you to make two cups of coffee (2 x 230 ml) from just one single plunge. The new 2POUR® has been carefully designed to further enhance your AeroPress brewing experience.

Reusable. The 2POUR® has been designed to last a long time – meaning you’ll only ever have to buy one, that is, unless you’re buying one for a friend too.

Washable. The 2POUR® is designed not only for a great coffee brewing experience but it is also super easy to clean. The product is a single-unit design with no removable parts, resulting in a quick and easy cleaning experience with most household cleaning cloths.

Easy to use. The 2POUR® is designed so that when combined with the AeroPress it has little to no impact on the original brewing experience. Less fussing, more sipping! – but this time, with friends!

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  • Dimensiones: 15,5 x 12,2 x 11,5 cm
  • Weight: 150 g


Brewing for two !
Faozan Rizal

I love to do Camping or just wandering in the forest, by seeing this product i would say that now i can share my aeropress brewing with my friend. It;s wonderful idea and design, the material makes camping even better cause we dont need to worries about breaking etc. what a nice product.

AeroPress Dual Press

Muuten oikein hyvä, mutta falskaa ronskimmin painettaessa vähän reunan yli.

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